Friday, October 20, 2006


A mere pinprick in my gargantuan ego, delivered by a silly face comparison website:

Wayne Knight... Wayne Knight??! Aiee.

...I will crawl back under the bed now, and contemplate the fact that my glasses and twisted nose make me map onto these folks.

My only redemption will be to see if the site can match a celebrity in their database with a photo they do not have... a test of the Feynman licence-plate type.

Seeing Kalashnikov reminds me of a friend I had who was always challenging me, testing my trivia. He once asked: "Do you know what MiG stands for?" and I was very lucky to be able to answer "Anastas' and Mikhail's last names" - as in Mikoyan and Gurevitch, the aircraft designers. But it is only lately that I found out that I was actually wrong. Anastas Mikoyan was the politician, and it was his brother, Artem, who co-founded the MiG design bureau. But my answer served its purpose, and shut my tormentor up for a day or two.

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