Friday, April 11, 2003

Mohammed Al-dhuri:

AFP -- While he may "love New York," it's certainly becoming an unsafe place to live for the Iraqi ambassador to the UN. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, Minister of Information, states that the looting in New York is completely out of control since its liberation by Elite Republican Guard units that have been able to advance from the areas around the UN complex towards Grand Central along East 44th. On other fronts, he stated that progress in the South Pentagon parking lot was slow, but that the Fedayeen had been able to seize Row 4 in the last hour in a surprise move that resulted in angry commuters being pushed out of their regular waiting lines.

Perhaps these folks have suffered some fentanyl inhalation from leaking canisters sold to them by Russia? Or perhaps they are viewing things through rose-colored night-vision goggles sold to them by the French.

On a serious note, I worry that the missing coalition POWs will be dragged to Tikrit or to the Syrian border in order to execute a trade for safe passage of high-level Iraqi Baath officials.