Monday, October 06, 2003

Alex Chiu:

Science is just so damned confusing. The following have led to hilarious situations as I tried to explain them in different contexts (kindergarten through high school):

  • Hot air rises, right? So why does it get colder as you increase in altitude, and then why is space really hot?
  • Radiation can cause cancer. Why is radiation used to treat cancer?
  • Sunshine is healthy for you. Why is going to the beach bad?
  • Ozone is bad for you. Ozone protects us from UV.
  • In space you are weightless. Things in orbit are 'falling' around the Earth

OK, and in my one California-related post for today, I always fondly remember the surfer-dude radio DJ I heard while living in Pasadena that was totally bummed out because he had just learned that the most natural thing possible, the Sun, was actually a nuclear reactor. Oof. "Ban the Sun!"

"Actually, it's made of wood. Nope, coal. Hmmm... what else burns, and how much of it do you need to create that big a fire?" and that's how they figured out, a very long time ago, that something very strange was going on up there...