Monday, July 19, 2004

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky would be proud. Verry proud:

Yikes - I know I have not posted much lately, as I have been buried with work and travel.
Folks who peruse the Newtons Around the World Gallery will have seen some of my jumping around (although last Friday's trip across North America and back in one day with a three hour stay in San Diego is sadly not included). Phew!
Today I simply note the launch yesterday from Kourou of the ANIK 2F satellite, the heaviest communications satellite to date (5,950 kg), with 94 transponders for North American telecommunications.
Who owns it? Telesat Canada
Who launched it? Arianespace, on flight 163 of an Ariane 5G+ launch vehicle, from Kourou in South America.
Who says the NASA is not pre-eminent in space. Oh wait - we have no Shuttle, and no heavy launch vehicle. Humph.


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