Sunday, November 21, 2004

"Lime tree very pretty and the lime flower is sweet... huh?:

...apologies to P,P&M.

I know the picture below has crummy contrast, but one of the cans in it set off a cascade of memories.

Green, yellow... what's the diff? Posted by Hello

On the left, a can of diet Coke with Lime from the USA. On the right, a can of Coca-Cola light with Lemon from Brazil.

What's the big deal, you say? "The colour of the citrus on the cans!", I yell back. They're both green! What is missing of course is the third can - diet Coke with Lemon from the USA, which would have a yellow fruit, right?

When I was growing up, we could only get small green citrus fruits, called limones in Colombia. So we called them lemons in English. There were plenty of other citrus, including limas, but they looked nothing like this. I grew up thinking a lemon was a small green citrus fruit. When I came to live in the U.S. I was greatly confused by this enormous yellow thing called, incomprehensibly, a "lemon." People thought I was an idiot. It still throws me. So there, all you unbelievers - incontrovertible proof that lemons are green.

...well, OK, in South America at least.

Oh - and the two cans taste different, too. And dagnabit, I prefer the one I can't get.

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