Monday, May 02, 2005

GIA Garuda:

This handsome fellow is crouching in the foyer of the ICAO building in Montreal, where I am this week for a conference.

Kashyap x Vinata progeny Posted by Picasa

The foyer has gifts from several countries to the ICAO, including a very creepy urn from North Korea, but this beautiful carving of Garuda from Indonesia was my favourite.

Let's hope he protects me from the snakes in this conference.

(For some reason, the photos I have uploaded lately are corrupted. I have to use a PC emulator on a Mac to deal with Blogger's "Hello" mechanism, and obviously that isn't quite working right. For this particular photo, the larger version accessed when you click on the picture here is OK. There are others where the larger version is the corrupted one. ...sigh.)


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