Thursday, March 01, 2007


Tracking a package that was being shipped to us, I was absolutely stunned to see the following information from FedEx:

This package was shipped from Shanghai, China yesterday, and is on a delivery truck today in our neighbourhood. I wonder when it was actually manufactured - the day before that? The product is probably still cooling down!

This type of service really spoils us, and makes me wonder about the cost in carbon for this type of delivery speed. I haven't even accounted for this type of carbon cost in my tallying of 17+ tons per year for my lifestyle (the average American produces about 7 tons of carbon per year). Most of my carbon comes from my jet travel, on long overnight flights. ...I have to make up for driving a Toyota Prius somehow, you know, to be able to keep up with the Al Gore's of this world, who apparently don't practice exactly what they preach. And buying carbon offsets doesn't get you off the hook either - yes, it helps, but it doesn't make that type of lifestyle justifiable.

Conversely, I have a package coming from Cusco, Peru, and that was shipped about ten days ago. No sign of it yet. No tracking either, so I can't tell if was torn apart by drug sniffing coon hounds in Miami, or if it is still on a donkey's back bouncing down the trail to the port of Callao before being loaded on a guano boat.

You know, the way things used to be done. Slowly and patiently. And that included waiting for things to show up in the regular mail.

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