Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Jane Goodall, continued...:

Well, in one of those moments that make one wonder if there truly are coincidences, my wife and were driving on I-95 and we came across Exit 20 for Jarratt, Virginia.

Seeing the Jarratt sign prompted me to exclaim that this was the site of the September 2000 monkey fruit attacks that I had blogged just days before.

My wife listened to the story and laughed, and then took the next obvious step, as she looked out the window at the passing farm fields and scrub pine forest of Southern Virginia. "I wonder where the monkeys got all that fruit? It's not like they have pockets or backpacks..."

The articles about the incident all seem to mention bananas and crab apples. Crab apples in Virginia are possible, but the nearest banana palms are several hundred miles to the South.

We pressed on, but luckily encountered no fruit-hurling capuchins.