Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Snow, Nieve, Neige, Schnee, Snö, Neve:

This last weekend's snow storm led to a lot of watching weather forecasters on television.

It also brought home to me something that I picked up from, strangely enough, a show on botched plastic surgery. For such a supposedly liberated profession, tele-journalism is completely merciless when it comes to women's aging. You hit 30 and you are out. Only in cases where you can amass very large amounts of political clout within the company are you going to survive (Barbara Walters, and now Connie Chung).

I want a Barbara Bush to tell me gently, as I fall asleep watching the forecast, not to forget my galoshes and for goodness' sake, my hat, should I insist on going outside in tomorrow's frightful weather.