Thursday, January 22, 2004

Rudolf Flesch:

Sheesh. After that last post, I think I need a dose of this. It is a great piece of freeware that I recommend to anyone writing or preparing presentations. It gives out free slices of humble pie.

The "Bull Composite Index" for the sustainability posting was 4. Average sentence length 24.8 words. Average syllables per word, 1.9. Flesch score: 19/100. I suspect what sunk me was my propensity for run-on sentences I love them a lot because I am a steamroller of thought.

The comment on the posting from the Bullfighter software was great: Diagnosis: You like to hear yourself write. Despairing the thought of bringing a sentence to a close with something as demeaningly ordinary as a simple period, you shower readers with gratuitous, interminable and often weighty if not impossibly labyrinthine prose. Meaning lingers, albeit awash in a thick tide of metaphor and exposition that threatens to drown the writer's message. Seek help.

My very own Simon Cowell, and I have him right here on my desk.