Monday, January 03, 2005

von Muggenthaler:

My nuggets of learning today were:
  • Giraffes are not mute. We just assumed they were because we couldn't hear them. They emit sounds below our range of hearing.
  • Tigers emit infra-sound that can make you (and presumably their prey) go numb.
  • Cats purr in a range that promotes healing

My non-serious nugget is that Kyle the Kangaroo nearly beat out Tony the Tiger to be the Kellog's Frosted Flakes spokes-animal in 1952. Kyle must have been paralyzed during the reading by Tony's 18 Hz growl, which the casting director couldn't hear. I'll have to try growling really really low during meetings here and keep track of the results.
...not sure that worked. I just got a little more personal space as people backed their chairs away from me.
Now I'll try it in the subway. Tune in tomorrow.


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