Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dia de la Independencia:

The fireworks on this independence day were particularly smelly. The Dell laptop we were using in a meeting emitted a loud 'pop' and then burst into flames. We quickly extinguished it, but the room was full of congealed plastic smoke bits floating all about.

fireworks Posted by Picasa

Caused quite a stir - the flames were about half-way up the screen, and left a nice burn mark on the desk. Pity I didn't have the camera at the ready for that part - I was only able to capture the aftermath.

Veinte de julio Posted by Picasa

Dell was very good about it. After seeing the photo, they agreed to ship a replacement immediately. Of course, 'immediately' has another meaning here. I'm in Brazil this week, where 'immediately' is pronounced 'soon,' and is understood as 'sometime.'


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