Saturday, March 18, 2006

Eyes front!

I often hear discussions about eyes as indicators of the principal direction of locomotion. It makes sense for creatures to have their eyes primarily perpendicular to that axis.

So how do crabs fit into this? I know their eyestalks are highly manouverable, but it still reduces their separation and therefore 3-D perception if they are always moving obliquely...

Perhaps there are some predator-prey pressures at work here? Do they only need highly accurate 3-D when they are right over their food?

I will have to investigate next month, when the appropriate folks come to visit me...


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Blair said...

That is a good question, The eye is such an interesting piece of animate life... and this often comes to debate about bulls (toros de lidia if you will) among aficionados practicos... in relation to a cape of course and not so much about 3D but the bulls vision in general, ironically, there is no conclusive proof of any of their theories that they have been able to find.
I think it relates to how they handle the cape and what is thebest way to get a bulls attention... which is interesting... A crab I can understand that its capabilities are limited until it is right on top f their food, a bull, now that is not so easy to understand if you would consider them before man interveened... the probabilities in the EEA is an interesting place to start.interesting


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