Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There's something different... did you cut your hair?

No, I changed skin. Templates, actually.

Why? Not because I disliked the last template, but because it had become unwieldy and unpredictable. I wanted my blog posts to have a clean, uniform look, and my previous style sheet obviously had serious problems which I did not have the time or skills to solve. There were serious differences depending on whether the page was viewed with a Mac or a PC, and differences between browsers. I also wanted to manage search tools and do comment moderation all from the same site, rather than having to log in to many different places for each function. This is a simple, clean start with a nice look that matches the previous colour scheme fairly well. I'm not sure, but it looks like it might have an imbedded format for PDA browsing.

So, out with the bathwater it all went. Well, not all, since you will still see iconic elements from Newton that I included in this new template. I'm sure I will be tinkering with this template as well to make it a little different from all the other versions of it in the blogosphere. That picture at the top, for a start (but that seems to be quite an involved process). All that tweaking will probably make for some of the same problems and mess up the PDA browsing ease. Sigh.

There were several consequences to the change, the main one of concern to readers being that your previous comments are "gone." I'm working on that, but transferring comments from enetation to blogger will probably be a tedious, one-by-one process (not to mention that I have lost my enetation password and userID). Luckily, you are a shy lot, and haven't said much. "No, you just don't spark conversation" was the quietly mumbled reply I distinctly heard despite your best efforts at hiding it behind your hands...

The other change is having blogger host the searches rather than Atomz. Atomz has the nice feature that it gives statistics on the searches done each month, and e-mails them to me. It does (did?) have a flaw in that it had trouble indexing archives. I have not been impressed so far with blogger's search, but perhaps it takes a while for the index bot to crawl my site. We shall see - Atomz may yet reappear (legally, since blogger does allow use of external tools).

I got rid of the list of books, and I'm still not happy with how the blogroll looks. It is just not clean. Ditto for the propaganda icons. I may ditch them and simply have text links to clean it all up - but I have no idea how to handle the hit counter for now.

I will leave that for other late nights. This change all happened yesterday lunch, and most of last night.

Now it's time for a kip, before my lunch break is gone.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Tag said...


just to let you know that one of readers takes notice of your words %^D

can't say I've noticed any differenece on your pages in the past as I use a range of browsers from firefox to safari to newt's cape on the winOS, macOS, and newtOS.

all the best and look fwd to more.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Peter, good to know you were not able to see the glitches ;-)

Calm skies and good seeing,



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