Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Tour of Law:

Cyclist Floyd Landis, during Thursday night's conference call from an undisclosed location in Europe, referring to his drug test results showing high levels of testosterone after winning the Tour de France:

"I would like to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, since that's the way we do things in America."

Oh, please. This is exactly the kind of thing people hate about us Americans. Ignorance about where we are in the world, ignorance about history, and ignorance about our own country.

  • You were in France when you said that, not America
  • Only 49 states assume innocence
  • The exception is Louisiana; why?
  • Because they follow the Napoleonic code - their legal tradition is French
  • ergo... better hope that backup vial of pee exonerates you.

Sheesh. Ask Cheryl Crow about roadies. She knows.

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