Thursday, May 03, 2007

Farewell Wally:

Photo Credit: NASA
Walter M. Schirra, Jr. 1923-2007
Photo: NASA

  • Navy
  • Fifth American in space
  • Only one to fly Mercury, Gemini and Apollo
  • Mercury-Atlas 8 "Sigma 7"
  • the corned beef sandwich smuggler
  • w/ Stafford in Gemini 6A, held off ejection after ignition misfire
  • "my name is Juan Jimenez - I yam astronau"
  • Successful docking w/ Gemini 7, "The boring mission"
  • made the "lowest bidder" remark
  • UFO sighting - turned out to be St. Nick
  • Apollo 7 was 'return to flight' after Chaffee, Grissom & White tragedy
  • Winner of an Emmy
"I left Earth three times, and found no other place to go. ...Please take care of Spaceship Earth."



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