Saturday, January 18, 2003


OK, so now it's Bastet's turn. She's Seth's sister. (a deep voice behind the mask says: "a sister?..."). I think she donated her brains to Seth, since she has some serious problems with being cat-like. The other day I watched in amazement as she prepared to leap onto the counter in the kitchen, but only succeeded in going head first into the drawer handle. She missed the top of the counter by several inches. I have this image frozen in my mind of a cat in mid-air, it's nose mashed against the drawer front, tail straight up, and back legs splayed. Well, she landed with a thump, and then walked away pretty sheepishly. I did go and console her, poor thing. She does stuff like that a lot. I've known a lot of cats, and never before seen so many mistakes by one.

Cats, Dogs, Cats, Dogs. Hmm. I used to have a pair of American Eskimos ("Eskies!). Kayak was smart as a whip, but she wasn't as nice looking as her brother, Igloo. Igloo was lovable, but thick as two planks. I remember calling to them from below the deck on the house, and while Kayak knew enough to realize that she had to run away from my voice to get to the stairs to come down, Igloo tried for several minutes to get through the railings and jump down 15 feet to the grass below. I miss those two - I had to give them away to a great family with twin daughters, and the dogs stayed by their new front door for four days waiting for me to come back. It's over five years ago now, and it still makes me cry. There's a pic of them here.