Saturday, January 07, 2006

Advertising babble:

Marketing departments must think we are idiots.

It irks me to see things that are plainly there because they "sound good," and which don't stand up to a logical train of thought, produced in a few seconds. Viz.:

This is Glucerna, a drink for diabetics, but it could just as well be any drink, ice cream, or similar product with vanilla.

Why on Earth include the term 'homemade'? Have you ever heard of vanilla that was homemade? This century? Who bothers to go through all the trouble of mashing the seed pods in alcohol any more? Not even the most devoted scratch cook I know makes "homemade vanilla." To top it all off, in small type, right under that, it says "Artificially Flavored."

All because 'homemade' has such happy overtones, and not for any reason that has anything to do with the process of manufacturing itself.

So, homemade artificial vanilla: yum.



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