Friday, January 13, 2006

Struggles with Saturn:

Appropriately for Friday the 13th, I am finding problems with electronic calendars.

Say someone was born on February 29th (a leap year, of course), and you want to set an electronic reminder for their birthday. You would think a program could automatically figure out that on non-leap years, it should go off on February 28 or March 1, right?

Well, here Mac loses to, ...shudder, Windows.

Whereas Outlook 2003 handles this smoothly, Macintosh iCal can't do it (at this posting, version 2.0.3). The birthday, or any an annual event reminder, will only appear during leap years in iCal. I sent a comment off to Apple's iCal feedback service (which seems to have stopped updating their iCal version drop-down). We shall see.

I always wondered how government systems handled people who were born on leap year days: when are they old enough to drive? When can they vote? When do they receive old age pensions? I am sure there are a whole category of horror stories out there...


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