Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lost and Found:

The internet, and its associated tools like Google, are now the PTM--public technical means--for the obtention of intelligence.

There are presumably also significant National Technical Means that use the internet. It's like a whole new dimension for intelligence opened up during the nineties. Of course, ELINT predated the internet (or even MILNET, for that matter), but the internet's connectivity, in combination with the tracks users leave, has proved a goldmine for intelligence gathering.

The convergence of personal electronics will bring some interesting developments. Being able to combine telephone, GPS, personal directories, and wireless communications will mean that we will be able to query our PDA to find the whereabouts of someone, and also get a quick brief on an approaching acquaintance. Our PDAs will be able to pre-negotiate any necessary interactions. Just imagine: "Hey Frank, good to see you - it's been 43 months since I saw you last in Kuala Lumpur. Say, you owe me 45,000 yen, don't you? I know you did well on your last Apple stock sale..."

Yes, a bit creepy.

A few days ago I was able to use Google and a directory service to track down a person I had last seen in South America over twenty-five years ago. I was blown away when I got the message that they were in fact the person I was looking for, and it made me think about setting up a list of lost persons. Since one activity we all do (but don't confess to) is Google ourselves, I can only hope for some hits off this method.

If you're not on the list, I either know where you are, can't remember your name, or (horrors) don't want to hear from you.

Here goes (with last known locations):

From Bogotá, mostly from The English School, Bogotá Sports Club, or Camp Catay:
  • Justin and Louise Abel (UK)
  • Judith Bridger FOUND
  • Robert FOUND and Vivian Capurro (UK/Mexico)
  • Mariana Cerna (Colombia)
  • Matthew Coombs (UK)
  • Susan England (UK)
  • Josie Fernández (Costa Rica)
  • Alexandra Getz (Colombia) FOUND
  • Leslie & John-Paul Gouffray FOUND
  • Anja Huikeshoven (UK)
  • Amanda Kohring (USA)
  • Ricky Leizgold (USA)
  • Monica Mannheim (Germany)
  • Anna Marklund (Sweden)
  • Magda Miller (NZ)
  • John & Peter FOUND Orrock (UK)
  • Fiona Paterson (France)
  • Peter Tom Petersen (Norway)
  • Jamie Pigg (UK)
  • George & Patrick Raikes (Colombia)
  • Humberto Rodríguez (Colombia)
  • Julie Rushin (RSA)
  • Daniel Sarmiento (Colombia)
  • Monica Savdie (Colombia)
  • André Smith (Colombia)
  • Bob Stewart (UK)
  • William Swan (Ireland)
  • Janice Tester (Colombia)
  • Derek, David & Nina Tibble (Colombia)
  • Ray Youngblood (USA)
  • David Walker (UK)
  • Jamshid "Jammie" ??

From Toronto, mostly UCC:
  • Martin Abell (Canada)
  • François Beaubien (Canada)
  • Claude Boudriau (Canada)almost found
  • Andrew Briggs (Canada)
  • Gifford Cochran (CO, USA))almost found
  • Lionel Conacher (Canada)
  • Randy Dalton (Canada)
  • Kevin Daw (USA) FOUND, but lost the e-mail...
  • Helena Flygare (Costa Rica) FOUND
  • Jeff Gascho (Bahamas) FOUND
  • Pietro Guglielmietti (Italy))almost found
  • Lawrence Koppe (Canada)
  • Patrick Kwan (USA)
  • Boris Lebedinsky FOUND
  • Roger Leung (Hong Kong)
  • Stuart Lowe (Canada)
  • Andrew Posselt (CA, USA) FOUND
  • Qasra Sadri (Iran)
  • Matt Sime (Jamaica)
  • Greg Steers (USA)
  • Cannon Sum (Hong Kong)
  • Bob Wilson (Canada)
  • John-Paul Yuen (Hong Kong)

From Pasadena, mostly Caltech:
  • Steve Chin (CA, USA)
  • Jim Labrenz (CA, USA)) FOUND
  • Moose Mussenden (PR, USA)
  • Sean Moriarty (CA, USA)
  • Rich Premont (CA, USA)
  • Gerald Zeininger (CA, USA) FOUND
  • Mike Ammon (CA, USA)

From Boston, mostly MIT & Harvard's Lincolns Inn:
  • Fernando Chamberlain (El Salvador) FOUND
  • Greg & Chantale Chamitoff (TX, USA)
  • Dana Desonie (OR, USA)
  • Pietro Dova FOUND, sort of
  • Gerd Fritsch (Germany)
  • Eduardo Horowitz (Venezuela)
  • Darlene Ketten (MA, USA)
  • Harri & Sirkku Kytömaa (MA, USA)) FOUND
  • Alice & Dan Lawton (IL, USA)
  • Mike Machado FOUND
  • Linda Meinke (MA, USA)
  • Jaime & Monica Posada Castillo (MA, USA)

From Washington DC:
  • Victoria Churchville (DC, USA)
  • Chantale Damas (Brazil, Kenya) FOUND
  • Alison Dawn Jones (VA, USA)
  • John Rogers (DC, USA)
  • Anne Tenney (Germany)
  • Erica Wyman (VA, USA)

From all over the place:
  • Carmen Cadena (ID, USA)
  • Chris & Laureen Davis (MI, USA)
  • Karl & Nancy Decker (Igloo & Kayak) (VA, USA)
  • Guy de Teramond (Costa Rica)
  • Philip Enros (Canada)
  • Valeria and Mauro Fuentealba (Chile)
  • Wally Funk (TX, USA)
  • Lisa Marie Gonzales (CA, USA)
  • Rachel Graham (Belize)
  • Janet & Christer Jansson (Sweden)
  • Tatiana Leon (Costa Rica)
  • Aristides Lorlesse (Panama)
  • Ronnie Lovler (FL, USA)
  • Mohammed Masry (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
  • Jackie Mayi (DC, USA)
  • Natasha Netkach (Moscow, Russia/CA, USA)
  • José Daniel Pabón Caicedo (Colombia)
  • Igor Rudyaev (Moscow, Russia)
  • Lorena San Román (Costa Rica)
  • Jane Ellen Stevens (CA, USA) FOUND

How to get hold of me? Use your PTM! There are links on this page that will lead you to valid e-mail addresses for me, but I don't put them out there for all to see. You need to do some work too!

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At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Doug Ramsay said...

Very, very well written, thought provoking post today, Paul. I was using Google Maps last night to check my lat/lon location for some satellite prediction pass data I needed. It was interesting not only to see the map of my residence, but the satellite view of it. Not only is Big Brother watching, but everyone is watching (everyone else).


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Matthew said...

I'm sorry Paul. MIT called. They said that you're too socially engaged to be one of their graduates and that they want their diploma back.....

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Filmer!

I can't say it is a surprise that you created such a weird and wonderful site. I have thought of you often and told my wives about you and our adventures at U.C.C. I am back in Toronto with a pile of kids after living in Moscow and then a short recuperation in the middle of nowhere Nova Scotia. I would love to touch base.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger pietro said...

Hey Paul!

What a surprise! Nice to see you use Google for your research. I've been working here for some time. Have been in CA for many years now. Hope you're doing well.

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paul. It looks like I'm on your list. But I need more information about you.... like your last name...

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Filmer.
You have a better memory than I do. I was at the Colegio Anglo Colombiano in 1972 and went to a camp, probably Camp Catay, that sounds familiar...

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Ed said...


I cannot figure out from your blog who you are. Found your blog because I was wondering where Cannon Sum is. A google search of Cannon Sum led me to your list of names "mostly" at UCC.

Some of the other names at UCC are known to me, although I can't give information where they are.

I recall Cannon because I played in a band with him circa 1976 at UCC, and he introduced me, a whitey, to dim sum. He was an interesting and memorable character, but I have no idea what happened to him after about 1977.

Ed Hore, Toronto

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom, Nina Tibble is on your list, not sure if its you so i cannot give info about her.

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice to see that I'm on your list of persons lost from UCC... I'm now living in Europe, Head of a Department of Fine Arts, and teach Philosophy and Painting at a school in Lugano, Switzerland. This summer was painting in Malta, the Ardeche (France), and Venice. I figure that, as an MIT guy, you should be able to track down which school server sent you this message, and do deductions from there. I'd very much like to be in contact with you again, but otherwise would prefer that my identity and current whereabouts remain a bit opaque, still somewhat inaccessible in the "public" sphere.

If you google my name, however, on the first page no competing names will appear, just websites about me. But you'd first have to spell my name correctly!!

Best regards.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Filmer,

Would like to get in touch - how do I email you?

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Paul said...

for e-mail, look at the COS Profile under blogwho

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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