Monday, January 09, 2006

Twenty-two Year Old Quiz:

...Not for twenty-two year olds - it was twenty-two years ago that this was handed out at a 1983 Caltech psychology class (PSY 12, Breger), and I rescued it from a "basement box" destined for the trash.

Despite the spelling of "gauge" in the introductory paragraph, this test must be originally American--there are several items that are peculiar to this country. I was flummoxed by three of these because I did not grow up here. For non-Americans, I would give a +6 handicap. For non-native English speakers, I would give a +11 handicap.
This test does not measure your intelligence, your fluency with words, and certainly not your mathematical ability. It will, however, give you some gauge of your mental flexibility and creativity. In the three years since we ("we" is unknown) developed this test, we've found few people who could solve more than half of the 24 questions on the first try. Many, however, reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside--particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed, and some reported solving all the questions over a period of several days. Take this as your personal challenge.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each question below contains the initials of words that will make it correct. Find the missing words. For example, 26 = L. of the A. = Letters of the Alphabet. GOOD LUCK!!!

  1. 26 = L. of the A.
  2. 7 = W. of the A. W.
  3. 1,001 = A. N.
  4. 12 = S. of the Z.
  5. 54 = C. in a D. (with the J's)
  6. 9 = P. in the S. S.
  7. 88 = P. K.
  8. 13 = S. on the A. F.
  9. 32 = D. F. at which W. F.
  10. 18 = H. on a G. C.
  11. 90 = D. in a R. A.
  12. 200 = D. for P. G. in M.
  13. 8 = S. on a S. S.
  14. 3 = B. M. (S. H. T. R.)
  15. 4 = Q. in a G.
  16. 24 = H. in a D.
  17. 1 = W. on a U.
  18. 5 = D. in a Z. C.
  19. 57 = H. V.
  20. 11 = P. on a F. T.
  21. 1,000 = W. that a P. is W.
  22. 29 = D. in F. in a L. Y.
  23. 64 = S. on a C. B.
  24. 40 = D. and N. of the G. F.

There are no real answers for this, so whatever makes sense and fits is the answer.
Let me know how you do over the next few days and weeks, and which category you fit into. No hints! That's missing the point of this!

Some of these came to me months later, out of the blue. That is the point.
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